2023 Off To Historically Fast Start For Mass Shootings

Topline The spate of mass shootings that have plagued the U.S. over the past few weeks is unprecedented to start a year, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive, which

shows the country is on by far its fastest pace for mass shootings in recent history.Key Facts At least 37 mass shootings with four or more injuries or deaths have occurred

in the U.S. since January 1, meaning this year has already set a decade-long record for the most in the month of January, according to the archive, which has kept statistics on

shootings since 2014. The previous high for January was set last year, when there were 34 mass shootings. Between 2014 and 2022, the U.S. had 25 mass shootings in a

typical January, according to the archive. Definitions vary for what constitutes a mass shooting, but the Gun Violence Archive considers mass shootings as incidents where at

least four people are shot—not including the shooter. News Peg The two most prolific shootings of the year happened over the weekend. Eleven people have died and nine others

were hospitalized with injuries as a result of Saturday night’s shooting at a dance studio near Los Angeles, while 12 people were shot and injured at a Baton Rouge, Louisiana,

nightclub early Sunday morning. Authorities believe victims of the California shooting were selected at random, while police in Louisiana have described the Baton Rouge shooting

as “targeted.” Surprising Fact Two students were killed and an employee was shot Monday at an educational mentorship in Des Moines, Iowa, though the event does not qualify

as a mass shooting under commonly used definitions.