A 'ball boy took' Rafael Nadal's tennis racket in the middle of a match, causing chaos at the Australian Open

A ball boy unwittingly caused chaos when he seemingly took one of Rafael Nadal's rackets. It all went down in the first round of the 2023 Australian Open in Melbourne. As the

reigning champion and No.1 seed, Nadal is favored to win the title for a third time. A "ball boy took" tennis star Rafael Nadal's racket in the middle of a match, causing chaos

Sunday at the Australian Open. "I need the racket back," Nadal could be heard telling the umpire during his first-round contest against Jack Draper at the famed Rod Laver

Arena in Melbourne. Nadal had other rackets he could use, but the one he cherished most had a useful tool on it called a dampener. A vibration dampener is a small

device designed to reduce the shock when a tennis ball connects with the strings on a racket. "I need the dampener and everything," Nadal said. The incident took place

in the very first set when Nadal told Draper: "The ball boy took my racket."Despite the interruption, Nadal went on to win the match Eurosport commentator Guy McCrea told

tennis fans watching at home that "there is going to be a delay," according to a CNN report. Nadal went on to win the first set by a 7-5 score before surrendering the second

to Draper 6-2. Nadal bounced back in the third to win the set 6-4 before winning the match in the fourth set 6-1. The tournament's No. 1 seed appeared to see the funny side

of the situation after the win. "Normally, I have the number of the rackets under control so I said I need the stringer, but I need the stringer for the other racket," Nadal

explained, CNN said.