A trademark war is brewing between an indie rock band and a major breakfast cereal maker

The most unlikely of trademark wars is brewing between an indie rock band and a major breakfast cereal manufacturer, with a line of cereal cups at the heart of the

fight. Post Foods has filed a complaint against the band OK Go, saying it was a preemptive move following months of legal threats from the band, which claimed the

company was trying to capitalize on its name. It’s a lot of finger pointing about two products that seemingly are hard to confuse—a band best known for its elaborate

music videos, like “Here It Goes Again” and a cereal bowl with instant milk powder where you only have to add cold water—but the animosity is real. Post, in its

complaint, filed Jan. 13 in Minnesota federal court, says the band has been threatening legal action over the product. Post is seeking “declaratory judgment” from the courts,

which essentially clear the company from any trademark rights claims. “Without resolution by this court, Post will be unfairly forced to continue investing in its new OK

GO! brand while under the constant threat of unfounded future litigation by defendants,” Post wrote in its filing. Last September, the band’s attorney sent a

cease-and-desist letter to Post, saying the cereal bowl’s name would imply endorsement from the band, which has previous advertising deals with Sony, Chevrolet and others. It had

even, it noted, done a series of promotional videos for another Post product: Honey Bunches of Oats.