'A violation of our rights': Protestors march at Capitol against anti-drag performance bills

Hundreds of demonstrators flocked to the Arizona Capitol lawn on Sunday afternoon to protest against the proposed anti-drag, LGBTQ, and abortion bills heading to

legislators this session. Xyra Flores, a coordinator for Trans Queer Pueblo and a local drag performer, was one of them. "Drag itself is a

trans and queer art form that is protected under the First Amendment. These bills are nothing but anti-crossdressing laws that we eliminated years ago," said Flores. "We will

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each morning. Attendees held speeches, marched around the perimeter of the Capitol, and chanted "Arizona loves drag." Drag performance has

been an ongoing front in the conservative culture war, with least eight states, including Arizona, facing proposed legislation this year that restricts, or censors drag shows.

"When they see drag queens gaining fame and notoriety across the world, what they see is an opportunity to send us a

message with this legislation," said drag performer Astrud Aurelia. "To tell us that they don't support us, they hate us, to tell us that they don't want us to exist."