At Winter Weekend, Red Sox management heard the boos — but will they listen?

The buzzsaw that came for Red Sox management this past weekend was as predictable as January snow in Massachusetts. At least it should have been. Yet John Henry and

Chaim Bloom didn’t seem to know what they were walking into at the Weekend Winter of Discontent, where showers of boos and shouts of frustration interrupted their attempts to

justify another offseason of maddening decisions. If they thought venturing outside their Fenway bubble in the wake of their one big offseason splash — the long-term

signing of homegrown star Rafael Devers — would guarantee a celebratory atmosphere at the annual fan fest held in Springfield, it makes you wonder how thick the walls by Lansdowne

and Jersey Streets must be, insulating them from the real-world anger of their most loyal fans. As attendee Matt Straub told the Globe’s Alex Speier at Winter Weekend, “I

don’t know if they were prepared for how bad that was. They look shocked.” There was Bloom, pleading with the crowd to “hang on,” before waiting out jeers so he could begin

a four-minute metaphor that went from driving off a cliff to turning the car around and concluding it’s tough to do both while trying to win at the same time. And there was

Henry, unable to finish off a thought about the cost of doing business after his opening line — “The most informed thing I can say is that it’s expensive to have baseball players”

— was tone deaf enough to incite the boos that drowned him out as he tried to continue by saying “to have the best baseball players.”