Australia news live: Plibersek says voice ‘not a veto’; Liberal senator says vote needs both major parties’ support to succeed

LIVE – Updated at 23:23 Follow live.   23:23 Mostafa Rachwani Callout to Sydney drivers as city set to become one of the most tolled

in the world We are looking to hear from people who drive into Sydney’s CBD for work, and if our tolled tunnels are making a difference to your commute times. It

comes after the tunnel linking the M4 to the M8 opened on Friday, with its $5.65 charge adding to the various tolls around the city, and making Sydney one of the most tolled

cities in the world. We’d love to hear how long, or short, your commutes have been made by any of the tunnels, you can get in touch via email at   23:13 Tamsin Rose ‘Right to know’ domestic violence disclosure scheme launches in NSW Women will be able to

check if their partner has a history of domestic violence offences as part of a scheme being announced by the New South Wales premier, Dominic Perrottet. The premier said

it was an important step to keep women safe as the way people date changes, with more emphasis now on online dating. He said: We need new ways of thinking and

making sure that the policies of today keep up with changes in technology particularly in getting the information to women to keep them safe across NSW. He said it

would be worth it if one life was saved.