Ben Wallace makes thinly veiled criticism of Germany’s reluctance to send battle tanks to Ukraine

Ben Wallace has urged Germany to allow Leopard II tanks to be donated to Ukraine, as he announced a new package of British military aid for Kyiv. The UK’s promise of a

squadron of 14 Challenger 2 tanks, accompanied by recovery vehicles and long-range artillery, will “accelerate Ukraine’s success,” said the Defence Secretary. Alongside the

tanks and AS-90 artillery pieces, Mr Wallace promised that “hundreds” of precision-guided and air defence rockets will be sent, as well as £20 million spent on drones for

Ukrainian forces. The package of military aid, which is expected to be bolstered by equipment from other nations, “means Ukraine can go from resisting to expelling Russian

forces”, said Mr Wallace. Speaking in Parliament, the Defence Secretary acknowledged the “heavy attritional fighting in the last four weeks” and Russia’s continued attacks

on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. He floated a thinly veiled criticism of Germany’s reluctance to send Leopard II tanks to Ukraine and urged Berlin, as the manufacturer,

to provide the necessary permissions to allow 14 other nations using the vehicles to send them to help repel Russia’s assault. Referring to the recent promise by France to

send AMX-10 armoured vehicles to Ukraine, Mr Wallace said: “After discussion with the United States and our European allies, it is hoped that the example set by the French and us

will allow those countries holding Leopard tanks to donate as well.