Businessman who paid for Paschal Donohoe posters resigns from two boards

The businessman who paid for minister Paschal Donohoe’s 2016 election posters has resigned from two boards after revelations he also paid for postering in 2020. Michael

Stone is quitting as voluntary chairman of the North East Inner City Programme Implementation Board and as a board member of the Land Development Agency. In his first

statement since the issue arose, Mr Stone said he did not know payments for the 2016 general election posters needed to be accounted for in Mr Donohoe’s electoral

expenses. “I understand and fully accept that his team believed the support I provided to be voluntary,” he said. I deeply regret any embarrassment that I have caused

Paschal for my mistaken recollection in relation to 2020 and for what I thought was modest help for a hardworking, honest politicianMichael Stone Mr Stone also said he

“mistakenly believed” he had not paid for help putting up posters as part of the most recent general election. “In December 2022, Paschal asked me whether I had provided

such help with the 2020 election. I mistakenly believed that I had not and told him so. On Wednesday January 18 2023, I again confirmed to him my mistaken recollection.” Mr

Donohoe gave a short statement to the Dail on January 18 over the election expenses issue, apologising and saying he wanted to be “fully transparent”. He said he was not

aware before a full review in December, following a recent complaint to ethics watchdog Sipo, that the workers had been paid in 2016 in a “personal payment” by Mr Stone.