California Facing Another Round Of Storms And Rainfall After Last Week’s Battering

Topline California is expected to face another round of stormy weather on Monday, with its central and southern regions at risk of excessive rainfall, according to the National

Weather Service, as the state attempts to recover from the devastation caused by severe storms last week which left at least 19 people dead.Key Facts Parts of southern

California including Los Angeles and San Diego could face heavy rains of up one to two inches, though the risk of rapid flooding in southern California and the Central Valley

stands at 5% or more, which is defined as “marginal,” the National Wealth Service tweeted Monday morning. According to the NWS’ Los Angeles office, “high surf &

hazardous seas” could persist until Tuesday, which could lead to “minor coastal flooding,” in the area. Further up north, higher elevations of California’s mountainous

regions could face “heavy snow” as well, with one to two feet of snow forecast in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The inclement weather is expected to finally relent by Monday

night, which will be followed by a period of dry weather, according to the NWS Weather Prediction Center’s forecast. A spell of dry weather will finally allow state

authorities to carry out a proper assessment of the damage caused by the unrelenting stormy weather from the past two weeks, the Los Angeles Times reported. In addition to

more rainfall, concerns remain about landslides in areas that were heavily saturated by the rains—prompting some counties to carry out evacuations.Big Number 402. That is

the total number of landslides that have been reported across the state since December 30, according to the California Geological Survey.