Cat Owners Aren't Taking Them To The Vet Enough. That's A Problem.

Many animal lovers choose to foster, adopt or otherwise bring cats into their homes. Not all of those cats, however, make it to the veterinarian for an annual

checkup.  “In 2021, 81.8% of the dog population visited a vet, versus only 39.8% of cats,” Dr. Casey Locklear, a veterinarian and senior medical lead at Zoetis, told

HuffPost. “The journey to the veterinarian looks a little different for every pet owner, however, there are some fundamental differences that can drive this disparity.” The

phenomenon is complex but not hopeless. HuffPost spoke to Locklear and Dr. Mondrian Contreras, veterinary expert for Pumpkin Pet Insurance, about the reasons cats don’t make it to

the vet as regularly as dogs do, why this is an issue and how to ensure more felines get the medical care they need. Cats tend to hide their pain. “Since cats are prey

animals, they are more likely to hide their pain than dogs,” Locklear explained. “This means it can be difficult to detect subtle shifts in your beloved furball’s

behavior.”  This feline instinct to hide pain or distress makes it difficult to know whether your cat is experiencing a medical issue, so an annual vet visit is even more

essential.   “Partner with your veterinarian for regular checkups to catch pain and illness early, allowing for needed care so your pet can continue to live their best

life,” Locklear said.