Check out these 20 scrumptious local specialties when you visit Kyoto

Kyoto Before Tokyo stole the limelight as Japan's capital, Kyoto had been the country's cultural center for about a thousand years. A visit to the Imperial Palace attests to

the city's former political importance. Aside from this, spiritual dignity and power emanate from the many Shinto and Buddhist temples that adorn the city’s map. The Golden

Pavilion, a gold-plated temple, is a must-see. The Kamo and Takase rivers, on the other hand, are natural playgrounds where visitors can enjoy hiking and cycling. The city also

boasts of many markets and tea houses for foodies. In Kyoto, you will find some delectable dishes that you just cannot miss! There are some mouth-watering dishes and tasty

dishes like Unagi Donburi, Kyotostyle Ramen, and Yudofu and many more. Continue reading to know more. 1. Unagi Donburi Unagi donburi is usually grilled eel and when it’s

cooked well, it’s one of the most memorable meals you’ll have during your travels. Imagine a bite of fish as tender and toothsome as steamed cod, its crisp exterior doused with a

sweet, and salty soy sauce. It’s best wolfed down with lots of white rice, and chased with a gulp or two of cold sake. The most popular places to try out Unagi Donburi are

Kyōgoku Kane-yo and Unagi Hirokawa.