Dem Senator 'Concerned' GOP Will Use Biden Classified Docs To Create Chaos

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) on Sunday said she is “concerned” the discovery of classified documents in President Joe Biden’s home and office gives Republicans an opportunity

to create chaos and distract from issues Americans care about. The GOP has seized on the discoveries to claim a double standard, even though Biden has fully cooperated with

authorities, has taken no efforts to conceal the findings and the number of documents is much smaller than the trove found in former President Donald Trump’s

possession. “They don’t want to talk with us about how to move the country forward,” Stabenow said of Republicans on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” “And I can tell you people in

Michigan, they want folks that are going together, get things done, that care about their families and aren’t interested in all of this just chaos and investigations. Which is

where the Republicans feel comfortable, unfortunately.” Asked if Biden should reconsider his earlier statement that Trump’s handling of classified documents was careless,

now that he has been found in possession of top secret files, Stabenow replied: “Well, it’s certainly embarrassing. Right?” She continued: “I mean, it’s embarrassing that

you would find a small number of documents, certainly not on purpose. They don’t think it’s the right thing and they have been moving to correct it, working with the Department of

Justice, working with everyone involved with the archives.” The White House said Saturday that aides found more classified documents than originally reported in Biden’s

Delaware home. Biden’s lawyers previously recovered top secret documents in an office Biden used in Washington.