Douglas Ross backs Westminster’s move to halt Holyrood’s Gender Bill

Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross has thrown his weight behind the UK Government’s move to block Holyrood’s controversial reforms of the gender bill saying the

legislation “seriously damages the rights of women”. His comments come after Scottish Secretary Alister Jack confirmed he would make an order under Section 35 of the

Scotland Act 1998, the first time the UK Government has sought such an order, which will now prevent the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill from going forward for royal

assent. The MP for Moray said Nicola Sturgeon had “rushed” the Bill through Parliament and that “a majority of voters” are against the reforms. He said a statement on

the reasons for the move will be read in the House of Commons on Tuesday. The First Minister of Scotland hit out at Westminster’s decision, branding it as a “full-frontal

attack” on the Scottish Parliament. In an interview with LBC radio on Monday evening, Mr Ross said: “I would say a majority of voters, when they’re polled on this, oppose

this legislation. “They oppose the Scottish government plans to do this. “They can’t understand why Nicola Sturgeon rushed it through the Scottish

Parliament.” The Scottish Tory leader said the controversial legislation blocked by the UK Government “seriously damages the rights of women” and “has a huge impact on the

UK wide Equality Act”.