Drake’s Show at the Apollo Was an Underwhelming Victory Lap

After several delays and postponements over the past several weeks—and apparently suffering an injured ankle just days ago—Canadian superstar Drake finally took the stage at

Harlem’s Apollo Theater over the weekend for an exclusive two-night event in partnership with SiriusXM and his recently launched channel on the platform, Sound 42. But it

still wasn’t all smooth sailing, as I learned while attending Sunday night’s show. Namely, a fan seated in the mezzanine either jumped or fell over the balcony, halting the

concert for roughly 20 minutes while he was evaluated by medics. Staff also had to readjust a light he’d hit on the way down. The murmurings I heard from security and attendees

seated in his row was that he got “too excited” and was repeatedly told by staff to back up before he accidentally flipped over the edge, though the details of what actually went

down have yet to be confirmed by the concertgoer himself.