Drivers wake up to roads covered with ice and yellow warnings across UK

Yellow weather warnings are in place across the nation as drivers wake up to icy roads for rush hour. The Met Office’s ice alert covers the centre of the UK until

10am, when conditions are expected to improve in most areas apart from northern Scotland, which is set for snow. Overnight sleet will have left behind slippery surfaces

which could cause ‘injuries from slips and falls’ and ‘icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths’. Heavy rain turned to snow in places, including

the south-east coast, which was covered by a yellow warning until 8am today. Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said the cold conditions moved in from the Arctic over

the weekend. He said: ‘We could well see some wintry showers develop tonight across the middle band of the UK, with a risk of snow on high ground and slippery surfaces

on lower areas. ‘This could be a problem during rush hour, it could cause a few problems on the roads. The risk of flooding is still there.’ Mr

Snell said rain will clear from the South East from 10am, and most of the nation will be dry with sunny spells through the rest of Monday. Temperatures are expected to

drop overnight to -2C in London, -1C in Cardiff, and -3C in both Edinburgh and Belfast, while Highland areas of Scotland could see -10C. The rest of the week is

predicted to be cold with patchy showers, particularly in northern areas, until temperatures rise at the weekend. A lengthy yellow Met Office warning for snow and ice

covers northern Scotland until 10am on Wednesday.