Exclusive video captures the moment man disarms Monterey Park shooter at second dance hall

A video of a man disarming the Monterey Park shooter shows him wrestling the gun away and potentially preventing more carnage minutes after the suspect killed 11 people and

wounded at least nine more. Brandon Tsay, 26, has been hailed as a hero for disarming the Monterey Park shooter at a second dance hall in the nearby city of Alhambra.

Harrowing footage obtained exclusively by NBC News captured the men tussling in what appears to be an empty lobby inside the dance hall. An armed man, dressed in

dark clothing and a hat, walks out of the picture, but about 30 seconds later is seen struggling with Tsay as the two wrestle over the weapon. A shoving match ensues, and Tsay

manages to take the gun away from the suspect. The weapon has since been described as a "semi-automatic assault pistol." The suspect then punches Tsay in his head

while Tsay holds the weapon. The men continue to struggle, before Tsay pushes off the suspect. The suspect continues to reach for the gun before giving up and walking out of the

room. Tsay then points at the suspect, briefly moves out of the camera's view before returning, with the gun in his right hand and using a cellphone with the other.

The entire ordeal lasted about 4 minutes. “There was a moment I actually froze up because I was, I had the belief that I was gonna die, like my life was ending here,

at that very moment,” Tsay told NBC News’ Lester Holt in an interview set to air Monday night.