George Santos will be removed from Congress if he broke campaign finance laws, Comer says

Republican leaders will remove Rep. George Santos (R-NY) from Congress if the freshman lawmaker is found guilty of violating campaign finance laws, according to House Oversight

Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY). Santos faces a slew of investigations into his finances after a number of unusual expenses were discovered on his campaign filings

for the midterm cycle, prompting some Democrats to file a complaint to the House Ethics Committee. However, the freshman lawmaker has maintained that he has not committed any

wrongdoing. GEORGE SANTOS CAMPAIGN FILINGS INCLUDE TRAVEL EXPENSES AND RENT PAYMENTS: REPORT "He's a bad guy," Comer told CNN on Sunday. "It's not up to me or any

other member of Congress to determine whether he can be kicked out for lying. Now, if he broke campaign finance laws, then he will be removed from Congress." In one

instance, Santos’s campaign paid nearly $11,000 to a company named Cleaner 123 and listed the expenditures as “apartment rental for staff,” according to campaign filings obtained

and reviewed by the New York Times. The address on the form belongs to a suburban house located in Long Island. However, one neighbor said Santos himself was living at the

home during that time period, with two others telling the outlet they had seen the congressman and his significant other frequently coming and going from the residence. If found

to be true, Santos could be guilty of violating finance rules that prohibit candidates from using campaign funds for personal expenses.