Her dad’s app wasn’t getting attention. Her TikTok plea changed that.

For three days, Megan Foulk watched thousands of people walk by her father, Jeff, without a glance. Jeff Foulk had traveled to Chicago to advertise his marine navigation app

for iPhones and Androids, but few people stopped at his booth. Feeling sorry for him, Megan secretly recorded onlookers ignoring her 62-year-old dad as he tried to

distribute pamphlets. She posted the video on TikTok earlier this month with the caption, “Help blow up my dads boating app, he’s worked so hard on it and just wants people to try

it out.” By the next morning, more than 1 million people had watched the video. Over the next three days, the application, Argo — Boating Navigation, received more

downloads than it had in three years and reached the top of Apple’s download charts in the navigation category. “I just wanted to try something that’d help him blow up

and get him more followers and users,” Megan, 20, told The Washington Post. “I just didn’t expect it to work.” After graduating from the University of Delaware, Jeff

Foulk moved into a Joppatowne, Md., condo around 1984. With the Chesapeake Bay nearby, Jeff became enamored with boating on his Grady-White. Although he eventually ended

up working as a defense contractor, Jeff said he thought often about building a marine navigation app. He had wished there was a convenient way to locate restaurants, marinas and

anchorages across the water. After years of talking about building his ideal app, his wife, Jean, told him: “Stop thinking about it or do it.” In November 2018, Jeff

partnered with software company ByteLion to create Argo. Its name was inspired by the legendary ship in Greek mythology.