How do I deal with a manager with an inconsistent leadership style? Ask HR

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here. Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. Question: My manager is very inconsistent. He starts off extremely

hands-off, then out of the blue, he starts to show concern about our work. He scrutinizes our work, becoming hypercritical. Then he starts micromanaging us reassigning our tasks.

Once things settle down, he shifts back to hands-off mode. It's very draining and confusing. Can we get him to change his management style? – Kabri Answer I

feel your frustration here. Having a manager with an inconsistent leadership style can be overwhelming and exhausting. I hesitate to suggest that you can get your manager to alter

his management approach. Certainly, only he can do that. However, your feedback can bring awareness to the situation and help your manager learn to be more effective and