How Jason Momoa Really Became a Protector of the Ocean With 'Deep Rising' Doc: 'It's the Most Impactful Film I've Ever Done'

Jason Momoa is used to saving the ocean. He does that in his day job as Aquaman, a character intrinsically linked to the seas, in a series

of movies based on the beloved DC property. But now he's ready to do it for the real-life ocean as the narrator and executive producer of the the new documentary "Deep Rising."

"It's pretty astonishing," Momoa told TheWrap after stopping at their Portrait and Video Studio at The Music Lodge in Sundance about the footage captured in the movie. The

official synopsis describes the film as a "tale of geopolitical, scientific, and corporate intrigue that exposes the machinations of a secretive organization empowered to

greenlight massive extraction of metals from the deep seafloor that are deemed essential to the electric battery revolution." Director Matthieu Rytz follows mining startup The

Metals Company as it tries to generate interest (and, most importantly, permission) to start deep sea mining. "I've never seen anything like it," Momoa said. "Obviously

being in 'Aquaman' and learning all different types of things and studying the technology I've never seen footage like this ever." He jokes that he was sending photos from the

documentary to his "Aquaman" director (who also helmed the upcoming sequel): "You messed this up [James] Wan."