‘It will scare the kids’: Locals hit out at council’s spend on ‘awful’ King Charles mural

A cash-strapped council has been slammed for wasting cash on a King Charles mural which bears an ‘awful’ resemblance and looks ‘more like a Spitting Image puppet’. The

street art was erected on hoardings in Northampton town centre to mark the beginning of the reign of King Charles III following the death of The Queen. Locals have said the

painting ‘will scare the kids’. The brightly-coloured mural features images of both monarchs and was commissioned by Northampton Town Council to commemorate the transition

of the crown. But after its unveiling, residents were quick to ridicule the graffiti - which cost almost £2,000 - in particular the likeness of the new King. One local

believed he looked more like a Spitting Image puppet, another said it appeared he’d ‘been on the Scotch’ while a third thought both portraits would ‘scare kids’. Neighbour

Kerry Bellingham, 33, who lives nearby, said: “There’s no doubt the area needed a bit of colour but I fear it’s made us a bit of a laughing stock. “The one of the Queen

isn’t too bad but I’ve seen people having selfies with the Charles one while laughing their heads off. “It just doesn’t look like him. The eyes are weirdly too close

together, his hair is all wrong and it’s only the ears which really tells you it is him. “I think the money could have been spent much better elsewhere in the town. I’m not

anti-Royal by a long shot but its just an awful resemblance of our King.” Another local said: “Let’s be honest it’s not the best painting in the world. “I don’t agree

with the money spent on it, I think there are better things to spend money on at a time like this.