Ivana Trump Gives Nanny Who Raised Kids $1 Million as Donald Gets Nothing

Ivana Trump left behind around $1 million for the nanny who raised her daughter Ivanka Trump and sons Eric Trump and Donald Jr. Trump, excluding her ex-husband former President

Donald Trump from her will. Dorothy Curry, who worked for the Trump family for decades, received a Florida condo that is estimated to be worth over $1 million, Forbes

reported citing probate documents. Ivana left behind assets worth a total of $34 million. Ivana, who died in July at the age of 73, wrote about Curry in her 2017 book

Raising Trump and said that she started as a nanny "with a sparkle in her eye and plenty of nervous energy." Curry reportedly taught the Trump kids prayers that Ivana didn't know

in English. "I can't say that religion plays a large role in my life now," Ivana wrote in her book, according to Forbes. "But I'm glad the children grew up talking to

God." The former nanny's residential address is at a middle-class apartment building in Queens, according to the probate documents, but it is not clear whether or not she

still lives there. Curry is also expected to receive Ivana's dog, a Yorkshire named Tiger Trump. The Trump family seemed to have thought greatly of Curry, who later worked

as Ivana's assistant for years. Eric Trump said in his mother's book that he thought of Curry as his "second mother" and recalled the time they spent together in her native

Ireland. "She's raised me since I was a baby, and we are incredibly close—inseparable. I love her immensely. She's a big, and very important, part of our family," he said in

the book, according to The Federalist.