King Charles III's $19 billion real estate firm is taking legal action against Elon Musk's Twitter over unpaid rent

Twitter faces legal action from the Crown Estate, which manages properties owned by King Charles III. Insider understands that the estate has begun legal proceedings against

Twitter over its London offices. King Charles is the ultimately owner of the estate, though has little day-to-day involvement. Twitter is being taken to court in the UK by the

Crown Estate, which manages the property portfolio owned by King Charles III, over an alleged failure to pay rent on its London office.  Insider understands that the Crown

Estate has issued court proceedings to Twitter following previous contact with the social-media company over unpaid rent, and that two parties are currently in

discussions. All the Twitter signs and logos have been removed from the London office, but Elon Musk's company still occupies it, according to The Daily Telegraph, which

first reported on the lawsuit.  In December 2022, The New York Times reported that Twitter hadn't paid rent on any of its offices for weeks. Since then, the landlord for

Twitter's San Francisco headquarters has also begun legal proceedings against the social-media company. Employees in Singapore were even temporarily evicted from their

office due to nonpayment of rent – before Musk ultimately paid up later that day, Insider's Kali Hays previously reported. Earlier this month, Insider reported that

Twitter's New York office has a cockroach problem, with staff also complaining of uncleaned bathrooms and clogged toilets.