King George VI memorial chapel, Windsor: Where Queen Elizabeth II will be buried

After her state funeral at Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest in King George VI memorial chapel in Windsor.  The tiny chapel houses the remains of

the late Queen’s father, King George VI, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. When the Duke of Edinburgh died in April 2021, his coffin was placed in the 200-year-old

Royal Vault beneath St George’s Chapel. However, this is not Prince Philip’s final resting place, and he will be transferred to the memorial chapel within St George’s to lie

alongside his wife’s coffin.What is the significance of this chapel? The memorial chapel was built in 1969 after the death of King George VI. The King was originally

interred in the Royal Vault when he died in 1952, before being moved to the memorial chapel upon its completion. It will hold the remains of Queen Elizabeth and her husband

Prince Philip, and already houses the bodies of George VI, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. The pale stone annexe has a black stone slab set into the floor and is

located on the north side of St George’s behind the North Quire Aisle. It is inscribed with ‘George VI’ and ‘Elizabeth’ in gold lettering and is accompanied by the late King

and the Queen Mother’s years of birth and death. Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, was cremated and her ashes were initially placed in the Royal Vault, before being moved

to the George VI memorial chapel with her parents' coffins when the Queen Mother died just weeks later. The princess wanted to be cremated because she found the alternative

royal burial ground at Frogmore in Windsor Great Park too "gloomy".