Labour accuses Tories of lack of leadership as home secretary calls David Carrick rape revelations ‘dark day for British policing’ – live

LIVE – Updated at 14:42 Suella Braverman calls rapist police officer’s crimes ‘appalling’ and pays tribute to victims but Labour calls response ‘weak’.

  14:42 James Daly (Con) says if Jack has had advice that this legislation impinges on the rights of women and children, then he would be criticised for not

acting. Jack says “absolutely”.   14:39 Paul Bristow (Con) says that for the SNP this is just about “bashing the UK” and that for them the rights of

women are just “collateral damage”.   14:38 Sir Bernard Jenkin (Con) says he was Tory spokesperson on devolution when the Scottish devolution legislation was

being debated in 1998. He says the Labour government at the time that equal opportunities rights were not be devolved. There was a vote, and the SNP lost the vote on this. And so

the SNP should accept the terms of devolution. And, referring to Labour, he says the architects of devolution have been replaced by “weasels”. He is referring to Labour’s

reluctance now to say whether it is for or against the use of the section 35 order.   14:36 Jonathan Gullis (Con) says the politicisation of the rights of girls

and women by the SNP is “an abomination”.   14:36 Mhairi Black, the SNP’s deputy leader at Westminster, says the Scottish bill was the most consulted on in the

parliament’s history. So the claim it was rushed is a “lie”, she says.