Lauren Boebert Mocked After Suggesting Pronouns Don't Come Up in Classroom

Representative Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, has faced ridicule online after tweeting that she does not remember teachers bringing up their pronouns or marital status

in the classroom. Conservatives in recent years have targeted the discussion of LGBTQ identities in public school classrooms, passing bills restricting teachers' ability to

discuss such topics. Many in the LGBTQ community have raised concerns that this sort of legislation infringes on their rights and well-being, but proponents of these bills have

defended them, saying these conversations aren't appropriate for the classroom. Boebert, who has previously faced accusations of using anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, responded to a

clip of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre condemning Florida officials last week for their controversial "Don't Say Gay" bill. Jean-Pierre called out the state for

banning "teachers from talking about who they are and who they love." Boebert questioned why Democrats would "complain" about the bill, which critics say limits the

abilities of LGBTQ teachers to talk about their personal life while their heterosexual colleagues do not have the same restrictions. "Growing up, I don't recall teachers

announcing their marital status & pronouns to everyone. They're there to educate," the GOP lawmaker tweeted on Saturday. "How is this still a complaint of the Left?"

However, many others pointed out that teachers discussing their personal lives with students occurs fairly regularly within the country. "I had a picture of my husband

and kids on my desk, wore a wedding ring, and my students referred to me as Mrs. Piper..." tweeted former Missouri legislature candidate Jessica Piper.