Memphis Police relieve officers pending investigations into the arrest of man who later died, chief says

The Memphis Police Department and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have launched investigations into the action of officers involved in a traffic stop arrest of a man who

later died and plan to take “immediate and appropriate action” against them, according to a release from the city. On January 8, the police department announced officers

pulled over a motorist for reckless driving the previous day. “As officers approached the driver of the vehicle, a confrontation occurred and the suspect fled the scene on foot,”

officials said in a statement posted on social media. Officers pursued the suspect and again attempted to take him into custody when another confrontation occurred before

the suspect was apprehended, according to police. “Afterward, the suspect complained of having a shortness of breath, at which time an ambulance was called to the scene.

The suspect was transported to St. Francis Hospital in critical condition,” officials said. The man, identified as Tyre Nichols, died a few days later, according to the

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The city’s release said the bureau is looking into the officers’ use of force and the police department is investigating whether agency

policy was violated. The police department’s administrative investigation should be finished later this week, according to the news release. Immediately following the

incident, the officers involved were relieved of duty, pending the outcome of the investigations. Police did not release how many officers were involved in the incident.