Millennium Library reopening postponed pending safety audit, City of Winnipeg says

Plans to reopen the Millennium Library in downtown Winnipeg have been postponed once again due to safety concerns amongst staff. This comes after four people were

arrested in connection to a fatal stabbing inside the facility just over a month ago. Tyree Cayer, 28, was killed when what police have called a verbal dispute escalated

into a physical assault at the Donald Street library on Dec. 11, 2022. Four teenage boys have been charged. Gord Delbridge, president of CUPE, the union that represents

city workers, believes the incident only scratches the surface of a much larger problem happening across the city. "There is a lot of homelessness, addictions, mental

health issues," he said. "There's a resource centre at the Millennium Library, it's called Community Connections (and) that provides resource services to these folks in need, but

it's funded through the library budget and this is where we need to see the province -- Heather Stefanson, Mayor Gillingham -- come together." Data shows there were 675

reports of intoxication, harassment and other incidents at the Millennium Library last year. This is the highest number of incidents at the library since 2018 and is well

above the reports made at the city's other libraries. Global News reached out to the city regarding safety measures for the facility and in a statement, a spokesperson said

"work on a comprehensive risk assessment and safety audit of the Millennium Library is underway with the help of a third-party consultant.