Monterey Park shooting: police surround van that may be linked to suspect who killed 10 – latest updates

LIVE – Updated at 20:33 Police vehicles box in white van amid reports that ‘authorities believe it is possible’ the Monterey Park suspect is inside.

News conference: not clear if shooting suspect is in standoff in Torrance, sheriff said. 20:33 More than 12 hours after a mass shooting at a ballroom dance

studio in Monterey Park left ten people dead, law enforcement said they are not yet naming the suspect, and that it’s not yet clear whether he has been apprehended in Torrance,

where law enforcement vehicles have surrounded a white cargo van for the past hour. The standoff in Torrance is a “barricaded suspect situation,” Los Angeles County

sheriff Robert Luna. “We believe that there is a person inside the vehicle. We don’t know their condition,but we’re going to handle that in the safest manner that we possibly can”

he said. “Could it be our suspect? Possibly,” he said. “We’re looking at any and every possibility.”   20:23 Reports from van standoff in Torrance:

shots previously fired, bomb squad on scene A bomb squad has appeared on the scene in Torrance where law enforcement are surrounding a white cargo van that may be linked

to the Monterey Park shooting, ABC7 News reported. Shots were fired at that scene, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing law enforcement officials, though it’s not clear

whether shots were fired by law enforcement or by a suspect. Law enforcement officials on scene have appeared to relax their vigilance and are operating closer to the

white van, local news anchors observed, suggesting they may believe that any suspect inside the vehicle has been incapacitated.