'Morning Joe' Can't Believe GOP Is Wasting Time on Gas Stove Debate: 'It Makes Trump Republicans Look Even Dumber' (Video)

The Republican Party spent much too much time this weekend debating, of all things, the use of gas stoves in the home - and the hosts of

"Morning Joe" think it was a complete waste of time. "It makes Trump Republicans look even dumber," Joe Scarborough said in a Monday morning segment on the matter.

The hubbub began when, per NBC, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, "pointing to research on public safety, indoor pollution, and childhood asthma, raised the prospect of

new safeguards related to gas stoves." It's important to point out, however, that no one would be forced to replace their existing stoves. But that didn't stop GOP

officials all the way to Kevin McCarthy from rallying around the issue as if it had an actual political impact. "While President Biden wants to control the kind of stove

Americans can cook on, House Republicans are certainly cooking with gas," the House Speaker tweeted on Friday. Scarborough responded directly to McCarthy's tweet, himself

writing that same day, "It's as if Democratic operatives have infiltrated the Republican Party over the past 6 years and keep driving them over the cliff." The conversation

continued Monday with he and co-host Mika Brzezinski mocking the party for getting "half a kernel" of an issue and latching onto it as if the future depended on it.