Nadhim Zahawi under fresh pressure to quit as senior Tory says he should ‘stand aside’ – UK politics live

LIVE – Updated at 09:44 Latest updates: Caroline Nokes says Zahawi is ‘leading too many’ front pages while minister Chris Philp declines to defend Tory

party chair. Labour restates call for Zahawi to resign, or be sacked 09:44 David Lammy, the shadow foreign secretary, was Labour’s representative on the

morning broadcast shows. He restated the party’s call for Nadhim Zahawi to be sacked. He told Sky News: When you’ve been chancellor of the exchequer and you said

you’ve been careless despite the fact that offshore trusts have been set up in Gibraltar, I’m sorry you really ought to resign or be sacked. He also criticised the

government for letting this drag on. What we’ve seen time and time again over the last 13 years is that when they’ve done wrong, government ministers remain in

office, they hold on. It goes on and on for days, dominates the news when we should be dealing with far more serious issues and I’m afraid we’re here again.

  09:43 Good morning. Ever since it won plaudits for its coverage of the demise of the Liz Truss administration, some Westminster insiders have taken the view that the

news organisation providing the most incisive and astute coverage of British politics (apart from the Guardian, of course) is the Daily Star. And this morning it has delivered its

verdict on Nadhim Zahawi – not lettuce, but toast.