Northern Ireland residents begin to receive £600 energy payments

The first £600 energy payments are being rolled out in Northern Ireland. The money includes a £400 payment as part of a UK-wide support scheme and an additional £200 in

recognition of Northern Ireland’s dependence on home heating oil. Electricity companies are being funded directly for the scheme to deliver money to households amid the

cost-of-living crisis. Those who pay their bills by direct debit will receive the £600 in their bank accounts while other customers will be sent a voucher. The mailout

of the vouchers is taking place in tranches over the next four weeks and will be completed by the end of February. We are working with the energy companies to distribute all

vouchers by the end of February so please be patient and keep an eye out for yours to arriveAndrew Goddard The vouchers can only be redeemed at post offices. The Post

Office said it has worked with the electricity suppliers to prioritise the delivery of vouchers to households on the customer care register. Each gas and electricity

supplier is required to compile and maintain a register which stores details of consumers who merit special treatment on account of age, disability or chronic illness. As

the vouchers start to arrive on Monday, the Post Office has urged everyone due to receive a voucher to pay close attention to their post and to be careful not to accidentally

throw their voucher away. With an estimated 75% of households in Northern Ireland not paying energy bills by direct debit, it is expected that post offices will be busier

than usual during the rollout.