Outrage after Missouri lawmakers' new dress code for women in the state House

Missouri lawmakers on Wednesday adopted a new dress code for women in the state House, requiring them to cover their shoulders. The stricter dress code was part of a larger new

rules package, and passed with a vote of 105-51.  The dress code immediately drew criticism from local Missouri politicians, who took to Twitter to express their

frustrations. The new dress code even has its own hashtag: #Sweatergate. "I never thought my first national interview would be about what I can and cannot wear as a female

lawmaker," said Democratic Missouri Representative Ashley Aune.  Aune gave an impassioned statement against the bill on the House floor, asking her fellow lawmakers, "Do you

know what it feels like to have a bunch of men in this room looking at your top, trying to decide whether it's appropriate or not?"  The Missouri House has 116 men and 43

women. The House majority is held by Republicans, with 111 Republicans to 52 Democrats. In response, Rep. Ann Kelly, the Republican Congresswoman who sponsored the bill,

said, "You would think that all you would have to do is say, 'dress professionally' and women could handle it."  In the Missouri state Senate, there is no rule requiring

women to wear blazers or jackets. In a statement on Facebook, Kelly wrote, "How is encouraging professionalism wrong? If there is ever a time to honor traditions and be

professional it is on the House Chamber Floor in the Missouri House of Representatives; I will not apologize for standing up for these things."