Rishi Sunak set to block Nicola Sturgeon's trans law tonight

Rishi Sunak is to block Nicola Sturgeon's controversial gender reforms after receiving clear legal advice that they would undermine women's rights, the UK Government is set to

announce tonight. The Telegraph understands that Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, is set to tell the First Minister on Monday evening that he will issue a Section 35

veto to prevent the law, which was passed at Holyrood in December, from coming into force. The move is certain to spark yet another bitter constitutional row between Ms

Sturgeon's SNP administration in Edinburgh and the UK Government.  Ahead of the announcement, the First Minister said a block would amount to using trans people as a

"political weapon". The Scottish Government is almost certain to seek to overturn the veto in the Scottish Courts. However, UK Government lawyers have advised that the Bill,

which would allow people as young as 16 to self-identify their legal gender, "cuts across" UK-wide legislation on equalities. Mr Jack is expected to write to Ms Sturgeon,

the Commons speaker and Holyrood's Presiding Officer informing them of his decision to invoke Section 35 of the Scotland Act.  The measure, seen as a "nuclear option", has

never been used before in the history of devolution. He is then due to formally lay the Order in the Commons tomorrow, and expand on his reasons for doing so. It is expected

that Mr Jack will address the Commons in a statement on Tuesday. You can follow the latest updates below. Sign up to the Front Page newsletter for free: Your

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