Russia-Ukraine war live: Poland to ask EU for compensation for supplying tanks; multiple Ukraine officials resign amid corruption claims

LIVE – Updated at 13:02 Polish PM also says he hopes for quick answer from Germans on exporting tanks; high-profile resignations and departures in Kyiv.

  13:02 An air raid alert has been declared in Ukraine. The BBC reports that a monitoring group covering Belarus has reported the take-off of a fighter

jet in Belarus, which neighbours Ukraine to the north. Germany to deal with Poland's tank request 'urgently' 12:57 Berlin will examine and make a decision over

Poland’s application to send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine “with necessary urgency”, a spokesperson has confirmed. On Tuesday a representative of the German government

told journalists: “We will deal with the application with necessary urgency,” Agency France Presse reports. Under Germany’s war weapons control rules, countries using

German-made armaments are required to seek Berlin’s permission if they want to transfer the military equipment to a third party.   12:56 Pavlo Kyrylenko,

Ukraine’s governor of Donetsk, one of the occupied regions of the Donbas which the Russian Federation claims to have annexed, has posted a series of images to Telegram which he

claims shows the damage in Kostyantynivka following a Russian attack. He writes: The Russians shelled Kostyantynivka – wounding four people. Among the wounded are

two children. All the victims were given medical assistance – their health is currently satisfactory.