Russia-Ukraine war live: UK confirms it will send squadron of Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine; Dnipro death toll rises

LIVE – Updated at 17:33 UK defence secretary makes statement to British parliament saying UK will provide tanks; state broadcaster says 40 people have

died in missile attack.   17:33 The death of dozens of Russian soldiers in a new year missile strike on a building in occupied eastern Ukraine has not dented

Moscow’s resolve almost a year after it first launched its invasion, according to a report. The strike in Makiivka killed 89 people, Russia’s defence ministry has so far

conceded. It is the biggest loss of life from a single attack that Moscow has acknowledged since it began its invasion in February. Yet the strike provoked little more

than murmurs of discontent in the region of Samara in southwestern Russia, where many of the dead were from, the Wall Street Journal reports. Few people in the region are

openly resisting Russia’s war in Ukraine, which the paper writes “highlights an advantage for the Kremlin as it digs in for a long war”. It says: Mr. Putin faces

little domestic pressure over its costs, even as the body count rises. His decision to mobilise 300,000 men appears to have shored up Russian lines, which were wobbling late last

year after a series of defeats, and allowed them to advance for the first time since July, claiming the town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine. Russian state-run polling on

the war suggests public support for what Moscow calls its special military operation dropped after President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilisation of troops to fight in

Ukraine, before soaring again in November once the mobilisation was declared order.