Serial rapist David Carrick sacked from Metropolitan Police

Serial rapist David Carrick has been sacked by the Metropolitan Police at a misconduct hearing held in his absence in west London. Carrick, 48, was found to be one of

Britain's most prolific sex offenders after he pleaded guilty to dozens of rapes and sexual offences. The former officer attacked at least 12 women over an 18-year period

throughout his career at the Met. He was only suspended after being arrested following a second rape complaint in October 2021. The Met said his pay was stopped and an

accelerated misconduct process was launched after he first entered guilty pleas to 43 charges in December. Tuesday's hearing was due to be held in private because Carrick

still faced trial but was then opened to the media to watch on screens in a nearby building after he pleaded guilty to the remaining six counts at Southwark Crown Court on

Monday. Assistant commissioner Louisa Rolfe said she was in no doubt Carrick's actions amounted to gross misconduct and said he should be dismissed from the Met without

notice. She acknowledged the “courage and suffering” of Carrick's victims, adding: “This is a sickening and horrific case with far reaching consequences for policing. I

truly hope to never see its like again.” Ms Rolfe assessed the harm caused by David Carrick's misconduct as “critically high”. She said the public reaction to his crimes

shows how his conduct has “gravely undermined” confidence in the police. “The public of Greater London expect police officers to uphold the law and protect women from

violence. Pc Carrick did the opposite,” she said.