Spotify expected to cut jobs as soon as this week - live updates

Spotify is expected to begin laying off staff as soon as this week, joining the wave of technology companies cutting jobs as the squeeze on household income tightens. The

music streaming giant, which has about 9,800 staff, laid off 38 people from its Gimlet Media and Parcast podcast studios in October but the scale of its next expected round of

cuts is not clear. Tech companies added to their headcounts during the pandemic amid expectations that working from home would remain entrenched much more widely once Covid

restrictions were eased. However they have been forced to make reductions in response to reduced advertising revenue and a shaky economic outlook.  Amazon confirmed

this month it would cut 18,000 staff while Meta revealed last year it would shake 11,000 jobs. Last week, Microsoft revealed it would axe 10,000 roles, while Google parent

Alphabet said Friday it will cut about 12,000 jobs, more than 6pc of its global workforce. A Spotify spokesperson declined to comment on the upcoming cuts.  Read the

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