The power is out. Homes and roads are flooded. In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona leaves a 'nightmare.'

Luciano Bozzolo's truck raced toward Puerto Rico's mountainous interior. He was on a mission to deliver generators, food, water and other vital supplies to areas

ravaged by Hurricane Fiona. "We had a friend call asking for help," Bozzolo, 43, told USA TODAY by phone as he drove Tuesday. The San Juan

resident, whose own 17th-floor apartment still lacks power, water and working elevators, said he'd already seen widespread landslides, damaged homes and downed powerlines caused

by torrential rains and floods. Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. He'd gotten word that the road to the nearby

town of Utuado, once blocked by storm debris, was now passable. Exactly five years after Hurricane Maria's high winds devastated the island, killing thousands

and plunging millions into months of darkness, Puerto Ricans found themselves rescuing vulnerable residents, repairing homes and checking in on neighbors in the wake of yet

another major storm. "It's been a nightmare," said Rafael Joglar, 68, a biology professor based in San Juan. "Five years ago, we were hit by Hurricane Maria, so

it's kind of a very strange, weird sensation going now again through this." HOW CAN I HELP PUERTO RICO? Mutual aid, nonprofits to support after  Fiona

5 YEARS AFTER MARIA: Puerto Ricans are still struggling. Then came Fiona.