Tory candidates given lessons on 'white resentment' before standing for Parliament

Conservative candidates for Parliament are given lessons on “white resentment” in diversity and inclusion training sessions. Would-be Tory MPs are told white resentment

is a “significant problem” for ethnic minorities and is defined as “when white employees suggest equality and diversity training is no longer required, as it provides ethnic

minority employees with unfair advantages”. Despite efforts by ministers to ban “woke” diversity courses for civil servants, similar workshops are being offered to Tory

candidates via the Party’s online training platform. Tory candidates are offered unconscious bias training, a practice the Government promised to “phase out” across

Whitehall in 2020. The Conservative Party’s training platform describes unconscious bias as being when you “discriminate against one group, or person, without being aware of

your actions”. The lessons refer to microaggressions, such as asking a black colleague “why does your hair not look like ours?” and “Are you able to sit out in the sun as

long without any sun cream?”.Mispronunciation of names is 'unconscious bias' Another example of unconscious bias cited is the mispronunciation of colleagues’

names. One slide offers a case study: “I'd prefer for you not to shorten my name. It means God's gift and my parents named it to me for a very specific reason. I've actually

done you a favour and I've already shortened it. It's Onyinyewchuckwu, can you please call me Onyinye?”. Candidates are also given a list of terminologies and their

definitions to study, including gender fluid, non-binary, affirmed gender, pan-gender and poly gender.