Troy Kotsur Says His Oscar Win for Coda Is 'Still' Sinking In: 'It's Really a Blessing'

Academy Award winner Troy Kotsur says his success "still takes time for it all to sink in" after starring in 2021's CODA. At the 28th annual Critics

Choice Awards on Sunday night, Kotsur, 54, told PEOPLE that appearing on the awards circuit almost one year after he won Best Supporting Actor at the 94th Oscars "almost feels

like a family reunion" as he appeared to present the best supporting actress award to Angela Bassett for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. "Well, it's a weird feeling because

I feel like it was all over and since then I've had so many projects and development, so many meetings, so many new scripts to read, so it still takes time for it all to sink in,"

Kotsur said, when asked about the long-term impact of Coda's success on his life. "Now, being here at this event, it really is the only time us actors have an opportunity

to see each other in one place," the actor told PEOPLE. "It almost feels like a family reunion, because everyone is so busy with their careers and during award season, it pulls us

all together, we get to see each other." Asked about the difference between one person in the deaf community's success versus that of the entire community's success, Kotsur

said he feels he "can increase the hope of deaf kids out there because for so long we were ignored and marginalized and isolated." RELATED: Critics Choice Awards 2023: See

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