Trump news – live: GOP slammed for hypocrisy after demanding Biden visitor log in classified papers probe

LIVE – Updated at 15:43 Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Fox News contributor Mara Liasson have both refused to back Donald Trump’s 2024 White

House run, as the GOP continues to turn away from the former president. Ms Sanders, a former aide of Mr Trump, dodged the question when asked whether she will endorse his

third presidential bid in an appearance on Fox News on Sunday. Instead, she simply said that she has “a great relationship with him”. Meanwhile, also on the network, Ms

Liasson said that there is “no doubt” that conservative media outlets have “a strong desire to move on from Donald Trump”. This comes as Mr Trump had a busy weekend venting

on Truth Social about his treatment since a large trove of classified material was recovered from Mar-a-Lago. His ire was reignited following the discovery of a small number

of classified documents from President Joe Biden’s time as vice president at his home and an office he once used. Meanwhile, a judge has unsealed portions of a transcript

from Mr Trump’s deposition stemming from E Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against him, where he denied raping her in the 1990s.