Trump's Saudi Arabia Payments Could Become His Newest Legal Headache

Former president Donald Trump could face a new legal headache if the Department of Justice decides to investigate his business deals with Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin

Salman (MBS). The Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) group recently requested the DOJ and Congress launch an investigation into Trump after new details of LIV Golf

funding were revealed showing that a wealth fund headed by the crown prince owns 93 percent of the LIV tournament and pays all costs associated with its events. Trump has

hosted a number of LIV Golf events at his resorts, and DAWN argues that through business deals, MBS has been paying Trump millions over the past few years. DAWN is requesting an

investigation into the former president to determine if the dealings were legal. An investigation has not been launched at this time. For any dealings between Trump and MBS

to be illegal, they would have to have been conducted during Trump's candidacy or his presidency. If the deals were conducted when Trump wasn't running for office or serving as

president, the dealings are only "unethical," former federal prosecutor and West Coast Trial Lawyers President Neama Rahmani told Newsweek. Rahmani said election law is

clear in that a political candidate or someone in office can't receive anything of value from a foreign government in connection with the election. "If this happened after

he was president and before he was [a 2024] candidate, it is wrong and unethical but not illegal," Rahmani said.