What is the best time to visit Disney World? Any time there's a festival at EPCOT.

You could visit Walt Disney World any time of year, but savvy travelers will want to strategically plan around four key events: EPCOT's festivals. The first

one of 2023, EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, just started. Each one features unique experiences you won't find at other times. "That steak dish and

that beer cheese soup at Canada for Food and Wine, you'll only find it during Food and Wine. That Candlelight Processional entertainment, only time that you're gonna see it is if

you come during Festival the Holidays," Dave Kesting, general manager of EPCOT Festivals, told USA TODAY. "So they all have similar components, but each one has a different star

of the show." Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. All of the experiences are included in the price of park

admission. And there are only a few weeks of the year when there isn't a festival going on. So guests who don't time their trips accordingly, miss out on the extra value of their

tickets. Here's what travelers planning trips to Disney World should know: They heard you: Disney announces park changes addressing guests'

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How many festivals does Disney World have? EPCOT hosts four festivals each year: