What the Divisional Playoffs Taught the Bears

Justin Fields and the Bears need to study the lessons provided by teams in the divisional playoffs, winners and even in some case the losers. Just like last week in the

wild-card round to the playoffs, the divisional playoffs taught the Bears something about what they need to do or how far away they are from attaining postseason status.

For the Bears to even think of the playoffs could sound absurd to anyone looking at a 3-14 team with the first pick in the draft, and a roster with only 12 players who were

drafted on Day 1 or Day 2. Such skepticism is valid and also unfounded. The Bears really could make a rapid turnaround and here's proof as well as lessons showing the way.

1. Turnarounds Happen Overnight In the 2020 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles fired coach Doug Pederson after a 4-12 season. They lost seven of their last eight. Now

they're playing to go to the Super Bowl. In 2020, the Cincinnati Bengals were 4-12 one season after going 2-14 and now they're playing for the chance to make the Super Bowl

for the second straight year. The Jacksonville Jaguars had the first pick in the draft two straight years and in 2022 were 3-14. They had only 53% of the amount the Bears

have available in salary cap space for 2023 and spent enough to bring in seven key free agent players to get to the divisional round of the playoffs this year. It's not a

miracle turnaround. It's a turnaround like happens every year in the NFL.