Why Buying This FAANG Stock Could Be a Genius Move

FAANG stocks remain popular among investors because these tech giants have historically outperformed the market. Over the past decade, the stocks of (Facebook) Meta

Platforms, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Amazon, Netflix, and (Google) Alphabet have all beaten the S&P 500.  FAANG Stock Stock Price Gain Average annual

increase Apple 616% 25% Netflix 532.8% 23.2% Amazon.com 452.8% 21.4%

Alphabet 256.5% 15.5% Meta Platforms 117.4% 9.2% S&P 500 113.9% 9% Data source:

Ycharts. Apple has led the way. In fact, the tech titan has also outperformed its FAANG stock peers over the last three- and five-year periods. While it's likely not

the only catalyst, Apple is the only FAANG stock that pays dividends. That's worth noting because dividend-paying stocks have historically outperformed their stingier peers. 

Here's why Apple's decision to pay a growing dividend makes the company look like the smartest FAANG stock to buy.