Why Did Gunmen Open Fire on This Top TV Star?

MEXICO CITY—Ciro Gómez Leyva, one of Mexico’s best-known radio and television reporters, heard the shattering sound of gunshots ricocheting off his car window pane while

driving home from work in his armored vehicle last month. The bulletproof glass saved him from becoming one more statistic in a deadly series of attacks against journalists in

Mexico. In 2022 alone, at least 13 Mexican journalists were assassinated, the most ever in a single year. The country holds the record for the highest number of

assassinations of journalists working outside a war zone, and also has the highest number of missing journalists worldwide, according to the Committee to Protect

Journalists. The attack on Levya sparked massive outcry from fellow Mexican journalists, who put out a video and hundreds of tweets in support of Leyva in the aftermath of

the assassination attempt. “The countless demonstrations of affection and solidarity that I received, including those from practically the entire journalistic union in

Mexico, is something I’ll never stop being grateful for,” Leyva told The Daily Beast in a recent interview Rife with corruption and organized crime, Mexico is a dangerous

place to cover the news. And while the country is known for its drug-related violence, experts point at state authorities as the main aggressors against journalists. Over half of

the registered attacks are linked to coverage of corruption and politics.