Women’s marches take place across country on 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade – live

LIVE – Updated at 17:49 More than 200 events in 46 states to protest supreme court decision that struck down the federal right to an abortion in US.

Women's marches take place 50 years since Roe v Wade 17:49 Hello Guardian live blog readers, we are currently covering several developing news events and this

blog is going to keep you appraised on the women’s march now underway in Washington, DC, and some other places in the US. And US vice president Kamala Harris is speaking

in Tallahassee, Florida, in a major speech to mark what would have been the 50th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision by the US Supreme Court in 1973 that afforded the federal

right to an abortion in America. Roe v Wade was struck down last June by a now-conservative-dominated supreme court. Here’s what’s happening: At

more than 200 Women’s March events in 46 states, demonstrators are lamenting the Supreme Court’s decision that now leaves it to individual states to decide on whether to make

abortion legal for themselves. Abortion has since been banned or severely restricted in 14 states since the ruling on June 24. Protests included hundreds gathered at the

Freedom Plaza steps in Washington, DC, ahead of the march. In Madison, Wisconsin, where a key event is taking place, thousands of protestors are flooding the streets

surrounding the state Capitol, with signs that read “bans off our bodies,” and “our blood is on your hands.” Kamala Harris is talking now in Florida on the ongoing

battle for reproductive rights.