Work from home husbands slack off on chores when wives are there too

Husbands slack off on chores when their wives are working from home, a study has found. Women do more of the jobs around the house when both people are working remotely,

data show, and men only pick up their work rate when their wife goes to the office. Scientists found that both partners in a marriage do more household tasks when they have

flexible working schedules compared to when they schlep into the office every day. However, husbands were found to do fewer chores on days when their wife worked from home

compared to when she was working in the office. Women, however, did just as much housework irrespective of where their husband was working on any given day.'There are

still some gendered differences' Two studies during the pandemic saw 165 Chinese couples and 57 Korean pairs fill in a daily log of how much household work they had done and

what their work day looked like. “The two studies provide converging results that working from home (vs. office) increased employees’ family task completion for both

husbands and wives and that wives working from home (vs. office) decreased husbands’ family task completion,” the scientists write in their study, published in the journal

Personnel Psychology. “We found that men and women don’t have the same experience working from home,” explained Jasmine Hu, lead author of the study and professor of

management at The Ohio State University. “There are still some gendered differences in how they manage their job and family responsibilities.” The findings also

revealed that, when a husband was working from home, wives completed more domestic duties when she was also working from home compared to when she was in the office.